Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yemin Moshe.
This morning I have a date with my friend Shimon Z'evi who is picking me up at the bus stop near my apartment. We are going to visit, Yemin Moshe, one of the oldest communities in Jerusalem.

As you may see from the pic below, Yemin Moshe is a well to do place.

A fountain in Yemin Moshe.

Overlook of the Old City.
Shimon and I sat for a long while talking inside Yamin Moshe. We found a place with a gorgeous overlook of the Old City. Wow!

View of Old City from Yamin Moshe.

Ein Kerem.

During the early afternoon, we drove to the Jerusalem community of Ein Kerem to drink beer. Shimon explained that Ein Kerem means "eye" or "center" of the vineyard. Those vineyards are long gone.

We found a restaurant that Shimon has known about for a long time. We ordered our beer, and then decided to have pizza! I learned that pizza in the USA is different than pizza in Jerusalem. Here it is all veggies and cheese, no meats.


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