Monday, June 30, 2008

4AM - Taxi to Oakland Airport.
The taxi to take us to the Oakland Airport [across the bay from San Francisco] arrived at 4AM. We have a 6AM flight, and want to be a little early to check in.

Our flight has two legs. The first leg takes us to Houston, Texas. There is a 2 hour layover in Houston and we have a nice fish buffet lunch at the Papadeaux Seafood Restaurant.

4:30PM - Cancun, Mexico.
We are soooooooo lucky at our arrival in Cancun. We book a van to take us back to MsTioga in the Town of Akumal. However, when we go out to the van, they put us in a taxi at the van price! Wow!

It takes two hours to make the trip from Cancun south to Akumal. When we arrive and see MsTioga, I go over and kiss her. We are all sooooooo happy to see each other. Man-O-Man!

6:30PM - Mimi & Jonna.
You may remember that Mimi & Jonna looked after MsTioga while we were away on our trip to Israel. Well, just after we arrived back with MsTioga, Mimi walked up with our keys because she saw us arrive in the taxi. We were sooooooo happy to see Mimi.

When MsTioga's door was opened up, it smelled moist and a bit stale inside. Quickly all of the windows and vents were opened. Of course, MsTioga was overjoyed about seeing us return to her. Soon, the fresh air poured into MsTioga and she began to feel her sweet self again!

Starting up MsTioga.
The first thing that we did, was move Mr. Trek [bicycle] outside. Then we attached MsTioga's engine starting battery. MsTioga started right up with no problem at all. Mimi had been starting MsTioga's engine each week using the house battery to power the starter.

Next, we refilled MsTioga's fresh water tank. Mimi took our 5-gallon drinking water bottle and got it filled up. Then we turned on the propane, and ran the gas stove until a nice flame was burning in order to bleed out the line. Then Mr. Dometic [refrigerator] was started. It took a few minutes for Mr. Dometic to get his flame burning, and a couple of hours for the freezer to begin cooling down.

10PM - Mr. Datastorm back online.
After we visited with Jonna & Mimi at their condo across the street from MsTioga, we went back to start up Mr. Datastorm. Our reader/friend and Datastorm dealer Steve O'Bosky arranged to get us our satellite hookup with Motosat.

Getting Mr. Datastorm registered went so smoothly! Wow! That Steve did a great job. It is dark now, so Litte Mavicito was not able to take pics. We will show you MsTioga tomorrow and maybe George will kiss MsTioga again to show how much he loves her!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Flying to Mexico.
Tomorrow morning at 6AM, Ms. Viola, Little Mavicito and myself will be boarding Continental Airlines for our flight to Cancun, Mexico. We have missed being away from MsTioga sooooooo much! You would not believe.

David works on his swimming pool.
This afternoon we have watching son David working on his swimming pool. Some sort of white stuff accumulates from the water falling from the hot tub down into the pool.

David is using chemicals to take off the white stuff. The chemicals seem to be working, a little bit.
Son David working on his pool.


Friday, June 27, 2008

The theft.
Readers have wondered about the details of the burglary that happened to me in Jerusalem. Here is the story of the the theft which occurred on Saturday, June 7th.

My computer, camera and other stuff were stolen from my room in a very quiet neighborhood of Jerusalem. The outside door of my room is always locked when I went away. However, when the theft occurred at about 6PM, I had not left the house and was only in the kitchen. It never came to my mind that it would be necessary to lock the door while I was in this house except at night when I went to sleep.

Immediately after the theft, the police were called and they responded in minutes. A neighbor who lived down the street reported seeing an Arab man drive up to the house, get out of a light green van and look at the building apparently for the address. This neighbor thought it suspicious because it was Shabbot [Sabbath] and there is no traffic on this street at this time.
The police located the van a short while later, but could not connect the van owner to the theft.

The following morning I filed a police report at police headquarters in Jerusalem. Fingerprints were looked for that morning on the door to my room. No fingerprints could be found because the door was not locked, and the door not forced open.

I have checked for any insurance that might cover this theft with the credit card company, the people who rented me the room and the company that sold me the computer and camera. No insurance is in force for such a loss.

The same evening of the theft, I reported to my banks, credit card companies of the loss of my credit and debit cards. My passport and one debit card were not taken during the theft.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Email is going again!
Just this morning I got my email going again and I have been sending out replies to emails sent to me since the computer theft in Jerusalem.

So many readers have donated $money$ to help over the theft. In the pic below, Ms. Viola and I are sending out thank you notes!
Replying to email.

Tweeking to perfection.
Over the years the software that I use for images, blogging, email, etc., has been tweeked so that it works perfectly. Restored software does not work the same on my new computer. For example, the email software does not send emails. So, I am copying and pasting into another email software in order to do replies.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Little Mavicito & Ms. Viola.
Yesterday evening, Son David let me use his car so that I could go shopping. Guess what? Now Little Mavicito is back on The Team! So is Ms. Viola, our notebook computer.

Slowly this morning, the programs that ran on Ms. Viola when she was stolen in Jerusalem have been restored. If you have ever tried to restore a vanished computer, or a computer whose hard-drive has gone bad, then you know that it takes a bit of time.

We still have a way to go to get everything back in place. However, we are able to publish a pic again! Isn't that the greatest thing?

Below is Little Mavicito's first pic!
George and Pussle
at son David's home.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Government stuff.
When it was time to file my income tax return last spring, I was in Mexico. So, I asked my tax guy to file an extension. The plan was to visit the tax guy upon my return to California. However, all of my tax stuff that is needed to prepare the return is on the notebook computer that was stolen during the Israel trip.

Today I'm going to phone my tax guy to work out a plan to get the papers he needs after I return to Mexico. Perhaps there is FedEx servoce or similar air-package company in Mexico? I've seen DHL Air trucks in Mexico.

More government stuff.
MsTioga is required to have a smog text every year. However, MsTioga is not living in California now, and may not return to California for a long time. So, getting a smog test has not been possible.

There is a way around these smog tests. A statement has to be submitted to California's Department of Motor Vehicles [DMV] telling when MsTioga last operated in the State of California and certifying that MsTioga will not be driven in California. Then DMV will issue a tag for the license plate.

New MsViola arrives on Wednesday.
A new MsViola has been ordered online, and is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. You may remember that MsViola is our notebook computer which was stolen during the trip in Jerusalem, Israel.

I will be soooooooo happy to have MsViola again. I am very disorganized without a computer. I guess that I may be described as "computer dependent."


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back in the USA!
Last Thursday I flew from Tel Aviv, Israel to Los Angeles, California, USA! Wow!

I want to share something with you. I learned something from my trip to Israel. Before this trip, I knew that my life with MsTioga was fantastic. However, I never knew before just how much living and traveling with MsTioga really meant to me.

For me to have the freedom to live everywhere that MsTioga and I travel, that is the absolute greatest thing. I will never ever take that freedom for granted again!

Replacing the stolen stuff.
I am posting from my son David's computer in Concord, California. My job now is to replace the stolen laptop and camera. It will take a week or so to get things together here. Then, I will be flying back to Mexico to search for adventure again.

There are lots of challenges ahead for MsTioga and The Team. We don't know what faces us down the road. And we don't want to know. We want tomorrow to be a surprise.

We just want to live every single day free as birds and sharing our adventures with you!

I will not be replying to email until I am back with MsTioga in Mexico. So, if you have sent me email I will be writing to you then.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hotel Nof in Haifa.
Cousin Jacky and I checked in yesterday afternoon for two days at the Hotel Nof. The word "nof" in Hebrew means "view" in English. Our room looks out at the gorgeous city of Haifa. From the window of our room, we see the huge Bay of Haifa and the port with all of the cranes for unloading ships. It is sooooooo beautiful! We are able to see all the way north to Lebanon which is located across the bay.

Today is the Sabbath, and many businesses are closed, including rental car places. Tomorrow, we plan to rent a car and do some exploring in and around gorgeous Haifa. We may find our next hotel in Acco, Caesaria or may return to Haifa.

Returning to the United States.
I've made arrangements for my return to the United States. This coming Thursday morning, I will take off from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. I will arrive in Los Angeles around 2PM.

The first thing to be done in Los Angeles, is go to the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to obtain a replacement driver's license. My driver's license was stolen in the burglary when I lost my laptop computer and camera.

I am not able to receive email sent to my vagabonders-supreme website. Not until I return to the United States and re-establish email communication will I be able to reply to emails sent to me. I feel really bad about this, and am posting about it here so you will understand.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Northern Israel.
This morning we headed north out of the City of Haifa for Northern Israel. Cousin Jacky and I are traveling in the car of our Israeli Cousins, Sammy and Rachel Katz. Both Sammy and Rachel know just about everything about Israel and are fantastic tour guides.

First we went to the Dan Nature Park. There was a fast flowing stream there, and we ate our picnic lunch next to this river.

Then we headed to the home of Cousin Sharon Weiss who lives on a cooperative farm in the Golan Heights. This was a very exciting trip for Cousin Jacky and I, because we we traveled very close to the border with Syria. In fact, we were able to look down into neighboring cities inside Syria.

Sea of Galilee.
On the way to the Golan Heights, we first saw the Sea of Galilee. This large body of water is actually a lake, and is the main source of water for the Nation of Israel.

I want to describe to you how Northern Israel looks to Jacky and myself. The best description that we can give, is that it looks like California's San Joaquin Valley with brown hills of summer and a zillion acres of farm land.

On the western shore of the Sea of Galilee is the City of Tiberias. We stopped to visit Tiberias during our return to the City of Haifa. We walked on the promenade of Tiberias next to the water while we sipped soft drinks!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Railroad train to Haifa.
This morning Cousin Jacky and I took the train from Tel Aviv and traveled north to the City of Haifa. We were met at the train station by relatives who live in Haifa.

We all drove to the top of the Mount Carmel overlook of Haifa. It is sooooooo beautiful, you would not believe. Cousin Jacky took some pics from way up there looking down at the Port of Haifa.

If I am able to figure out a way to post these pics, I would sure do it. However the passwords to FTP impages to my website are not available now with my laptop computer being stolen.

Galilee and north.
Cousin Jacky would like us to take a professional tour of Northern Israel. I would like to rent a car and explore.

We are going to take the suggestions of Samuel and Rachel Katz, our relatives and hosts here in Haifa. Maybe we will do both a tour and rent a car? Hmmmmmm?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tel Aviv.
This morning my Cousin Jacky and I departed Jerusalem and took a bus to Tel Aviv. We will visit with a relative here in Tel Aviv for one day. Tomorrow we take the train to Haifa to visit with another relative.

I am not able to continue with my daily blog post as I have done during the past six years. Without my computer and camera, posting is extremely difficult. Right now I am using a computer in the home of Jacky's Mother's cousin who has an internet connection.

Reporting theft to police.
Last Friday evening when the thief stole my things, he took almost everything that I had. I was very lucky that my passport and my ATM card which were on the desk with the computer, were not taken as well. Within the next two hours, I cancelled my stolen credit cards.

I immediately reported the theft to the police. There was a witness who saw an Arab man drive up to my apartment in a green VW van. This witness reported to the police, and the police actually found this van. However, there was no way to tie the van owner to the theft.

Donations by reader/friends.
I want to thank reader/friends who made donations to help me. I would love to email each of you who donated. However, I am not able to receive email notifications from PayPal now. When I return to the United States later this month, I promise to email every one of you.

In the meantime, thank you soooooooo much!