Monday, June 30, 2008

4AM - Taxi to Oakland Airport.
The taxi to take us to the Oakland Airport [across the bay from San Francisco] arrived at 4AM. We have a 6AM flight, and want to be a little early to check in.

Our flight has two legs. The first leg takes us to Houston, Texas. There is a 2 hour layover in Houston and we have a nice fish buffet lunch at the Papadeaux Seafood Restaurant.

4:30PM - Cancun, Mexico.
We are soooooooo lucky at our arrival in Cancun. We book a van to take us back to MsTioga in the Town of Akumal. However, when we go out to the van, they put us in a taxi at the van price! Wow!

It takes two hours to make the trip from Cancun south to Akumal. When we arrive and see MsTioga, I go over and kiss her. We are all sooooooo happy to see each other. Man-O-Man!

6:30PM - Mimi & Jonna.
You may remember that Mimi & Jonna looked after MsTioga while we were away on our trip to Israel. Well, just after we arrived back with MsTioga, Mimi walked up with our keys because she saw us arrive in the taxi. We were sooooooo happy to see Mimi.

When MsTioga's door was opened up, it smelled moist and a bit stale inside. Quickly all of the windows and vents were opened. Of course, MsTioga was overjoyed about seeing us return to her. Soon, the fresh air poured into MsTioga and she began to feel her sweet self again!

Starting up MsTioga.
The first thing that we did, was move Mr. Trek [bicycle] outside. Then we attached MsTioga's engine starting battery. MsTioga started right up with no problem at all. Mimi had been starting MsTioga's engine each week using the house battery to power the starter.

Next, we refilled MsTioga's fresh water tank. Mimi took our 5-gallon drinking water bottle and got it filled up. Then we turned on the propane, and ran the gas stove until a nice flame was burning in order to bleed out the line. Then Mr. Dometic [refrigerator] was started. It took a few minutes for Mr. Dometic to get his flame burning, and a couple of hours for the freezer to begin cooling down.

10PM - Mr. Datastorm back online.
After we visited with Jonna & Mimi at their condo across the street from MsTioga, we went back to start up Mr. Datastorm. Our reader/friend and Datastorm dealer Steve O'Bosky arranged to get us our satellite hookup with Motosat.

Getting Mr. Datastorm registered went so smoothly! Wow! That Steve did a great job. It is dark now, so Litte Mavicito was not able to take pics. We will show you MsTioga tomorrow and maybe George will kiss MsTioga again to show how much he loves her!