Tuesday, June 03, 2008


The Chagall Windows

Due to my Cousin Jacky's love of art, we are heading this morning to view The Chagall Windows. Marc Chagall created his windows which are located in the Synagogue of the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center in Kiryat Hadassah, the southwest section of Jerusalem.

Marc Chagall was present at the dedication of the Synagogue on February 6, 1962, here are some of his words:
"...bringing my modest gift to the Jewish people, who have always dreamt of biblical lore, of friendship and peace among all people; to that people which lived here, thousands of years ago, among other Semitic peoples. My hope is that I hereby extend my hand to seekers of culture, to poets and to artists among the neighboring peoples."

The creation of the Windows was a labor of love for Chagall and his assistant, Charles Marq, both of whom worked on the project for two years. Marq developed a special process of veneering pigment on glass which allowed Chagall to use as many as three colors on a single uninterrupted pane, rather than being confined to the traditional technique of separating colored pane by lead strips.