Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Government stuff.
When it was time to file my income tax return last spring, I was in Mexico. So, I asked my tax guy to file an extension. The plan was to visit the tax guy upon my return to California. However, all of my tax stuff that is needed to prepare the return is on the notebook computer that was stolen during the Israel trip.

Today I'm going to phone my tax guy to work out a plan to get the papers he needs after I return to Mexico. Perhaps there is FedEx servoce or similar air-package company in Mexico? I've seen DHL Air trucks in Mexico.

More government stuff.
MsTioga is required to have a smog text every year. However, MsTioga is not living in California now, and may not return to California for a long time. So, getting a smog test has not been possible.

There is a way around these smog tests. A statement has to be submitted to California's Department of Motor Vehicles [DMV] telling when MsTioga last operated in the State of California and certifying that MsTioga will not be driven in California. Then DMV will issue a tag for the license plate.

New MsViola arrives on Wednesday.
A new MsViola has been ordered online, and is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. You may remember that MsViola is our notebook computer which was stolen during the trip in Jerusalem, Israel.

I will be soooooooo happy to have MsViola again. I am very disorganized without a computer. I guess that I may be described as "computer dependent."