Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hotel Nof in Haifa.
Cousin Jacky and I checked in yesterday afternoon for two days at the Hotel Nof. The word "nof" in Hebrew means "view" in English. Our room looks out at the gorgeous city of Haifa. From the window of our room, we see the huge Bay of Haifa and the port with all of the cranes for unloading ships. It is sooooooo beautiful! We are able to see all the way north to Lebanon which is located across the bay.

Today is the Sabbath, and many businesses are closed, including rental car places. Tomorrow, we plan to rent a car and do some exploring in and around gorgeous Haifa. We may find our next hotel in Acco, Caesaria or may return to Haifa.

Returning to the United States.
I've made arrangements for my return to the United States. This coming Thursday morning, I will take off from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. I will arrive in Los Angeles around 2PM.

The first thing to be done in Los Angeles, is go to the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to obtain a replacement driver's license. My driver's license was stolen in the burglary when I lost my laptop computer and camera.

I am not able to receive email sent to my vagabonders-supreme website. Not until I return to the United States and re-establish email communication will I be able to reply to emails sent to me. I feel really bad about this, and am posting about it here so you will understand.