Thursday, June 12, 2008

Northern Israel.
This morning we headed north out of the City of Haifa for Northern Israel. Cousin Jacky and I are traveling in the car of our Israeli Cousins, Sammy and Rachel Katz. Both Sammy and Rachel know just about everything about Israel and are fantastic tour guides.

First we went to the Dan Nature Park. There was a fast flowing stream there, and we ate our picnic lunch next to this river.

Then we headed to the home of Cousin Sharon Weiss who lives on a cooperative farm in the Golan Heights. This was a very exciting trip for Cousin Jacky and I, because we we traveled very close to the border with Syria. In fact, we were able to look down into neighboring cities inside Syria.

Sea of Galilee.
On the way to the Golan Heights, we first saw the Sea of Galilee. This large body of water is actually a lake, and is the main source of water for the Nation of Israel.

I want to describe to you how Northern Israel looks to Jacky and myself. The best description that we can give, is that it looks like California's San Joaquin Valley with brown hills of summer and a zillion acres of farm land.

On the western shore of the Sea of Galilee is the City of Tiberias. We stopped to visit Tiberias during our return to the City of Haifa. We walked on the promenade of Tiberias next to the water while we sipped soft drinks!