Monday, June 02, 2008

Our Cousins in Israel.
This morning Jacky and I were on our way to Old City Jerusalem when Jacky's cell phone rang. It was our Cousin Naomi inviting us to tour Israel's Supreme Court! Wow!

Naomi is a prosecuting attorney for Israel's Attorney General. The Supreme Court Building is gorgeous. All stone and marble.
Jacky, Naomi and George in front of
the five Israel Supreme Courts.

The court building has been designed with great meaning and architectural interpretation. In the pic below, the design is "Justice of heaven reflected in the water."
Justice and heaven
reflected in the water.

Naomi escorted Jacky and myself into an Israel Supreme Court Session in progress. Three judges were hearing an appeal from a Palestinan in Gaza.

Cousin Nadav.
Naomi's brother is a professor at the nearby Hebrew University. Naomi drove Jacky and myself to the campus. Nadav gave us a tour of this exceptional university, devoted to science.
Jacky loved this wall relief
near the campus entrance.

There are soooooo many things to see at the Hebrew University! A person could spend a lifetime there. There was one exhibit of the life of Albert Einstein. There were paintings which blew me away.

Below is one of those paintings. An impression named "The Kidron Stream" showing the valley to the east of Old City Jerusalem by artist Ardon.
The Kidron Stream.

Below is a stained glass window by artist Ardon.
Stained glass representation of the
various sciences, Kaballah and biblical.

We toured a map room with exhibits of maps going back several hundred years showing what map makers knew of our World way back then. We toured a library with books many hundreds of years old. And we got to turn the pages of these ancient texts.
Nadav and Jacky viewing an ancient world atlas.