Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Railroad train to Haifa.
This morning Cousin Jacky and I took the train from Tel Aviv and traveled north to the City of Haifa. We were met at the train station by relatives who live in Haifa.

We all drove to the top of the Mount Carmel overlook of Haifa. It is sooooooo beautiful, you would not believe. Cousin Jacky took some pics from way up there looking down at the Port of Haifa.

If I am able to figure out a way to post these pics, I would sure do it. However the passwords to FTP impages to my website are not available now with my laptop computer being stolen.

Galilee and north.
Cousin Jacky would like us to take a professional tour of Northern Israel. I would like to rent a car and explore.

We are going to take the suggestions of Samuel and Rachel Katz, our relatives and hosts here in Haifa. Maybe we will do both a tour and rent a car? Hmmmmmm?