Sunday, June 01, 2008

Researching for tours.
After breakfast at House 57, Cousin Jacky and I walked down the hill to the boulevard and took the Egged bus to the Central Bus Station. We attempted to get info about Egged tours. However, after searching around we found that the tour office had moved. We could not find out where they moved to! Wow!

Mahane Yehuda Market.
We tried to catch a bus from the Central Bus Station to the Mehane Yehuda Market. However the buses were filled, and Jacky would have to stand up. Very difficult for her. So, we took a taxi.
Jacky at Mehane Yehuda.

Sorry about recent posts.
You may have wondered why recent posts are so brief. I have always been truthful with you and told you when things were challenging. They are challenging now!

It seems that I may have goofed up big time with my schedule for my trip to Israel. Instead of three months, maybe three weeks would have been better. Without having MsTioga here, I am dependent on buses. A bus is fine, but it so very limiting compared to camping in MsTioga.

If I had MsTioga here in Israel, I would be able to find fantastic places to make Camps. Man-O-Man!

Tropical Storm Arthur.
Jonna and Mimi are watching over MsTioga while I am in Israel. MsTioga is parked across the road from Jonna and Mimi's condo in the Yucatan Peninisula Town of Akumal.

Tropical Storm Arthur passed over Akumal yesterday. Winds gusting to 60MPH with thunderstorms and rain.

I just received an email from Mimi telling that the rear window that I had sealed recently, is still leaking. Wow! I am hoping that the leak is a small one and will not cause damage.

You may read Jonna & Mimi's blog [Here].


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