Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tel Aviv.
This morning my Cousin Jacky and I departed Jerusalem and took a bus to Tel Aviv. We will visit with a relative here in Tel Aviv for one day. Tomorrow we take the train to Haifa to visit with another relative.

I am not able to continue with my daily blog post as I have done during the past six years. Without my computer and camera, posting is extremely difficult. Right now I am using a computer in the home of Jacky's Mother's cousin who has an internet connection.

Reporting theft to police.
Last Friday evening when the thief stole my things, he took almost everything that I had. I was very lucky that my passport and my ATM card which were on the desk with the computer, were not taken as well. Within the next two hours, I cancelled my stolen credit cards.

I immediately reported the theft to the police. There was a witness who saw an Arab man drive up to my apartment in a green VW van. This witness reported to the police, and the police actually found this van. However, there was no way to tie the van owner to the theft.

Donations by reader/friends.
I want to thank reader/friends who made donations to help me. I would love to email each of you who donated. However, I am not able to receive email notifications from PayPal now. When I return to the United States later this month, I promise to email every one of you.

In the meantime, thank you soooooooo much!