Friday, June 27, 2008

The theft.
Readers have wondered about the details of the burglary that happened to me in Jerusalem. Here is the story of the the theft which occurred on Saturday, June 7th.

My computer, camera and other stuff were stolen from my room in a very quiet neighborhood of Jerusalem. The outside door of my room is always locked when I went away. However, when the theft occurred at about 6PM, I had not left the house and was only in the kitchen. It never came to my mind that it would be necessary to lock the door while I was in this house except at night when I went to sleep.

Immediately after the theft, the police were called and they responded in minutes. A neighbor who lived down the street reported seeing an Arab man drive up to the house, get out of a light green van and look at the building apparently for the address. This neighbor thought it suspicious because it was Shabbot [Sabbath] and there is no traffic on this street at this time.
The police located the van a short while later, but could not connect the van owner to the theft.

The following morning I filed a police report at police headquarters in Jerusalem. Fingerprints were looked for that morning on the door to my room. No fingerprints could be found because the door was not locked, and the door not forced open.

I have checked for any insurance that might cover this theft with the credit card company, the people who rented me the room and the company that sold me the computer and camera. No insurance is in force for such a loss.

The same evening of the theft, I reported to my banks, credit card companies of the loss of my credit and debit cards. My passport and one debit card were not taken during the theft.