Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tower of David Museum.
Today we went to the Tower of David Museum. Cousin Jacky is a champ! Even though there are a ton of stairs which are tough for her, Jacky went all the way up to the top!
View of Old City from Tower of David is fantastic!

The Museum has a wonderful model of the mysterious Dome of the Rock. We are very curious about that golden dome.

Inside view - Dome of the Rock.

View of Jerusalem's City of David
at the time of King David.

Courtyard view showing Tower of David.

Rockefeller Museum.
There are soooooo many things to share with you. At the Rockefeller Museum, Little Mavicito had to pick the most impressive thing for you to see. Below is an inscribed rock which is all that remains of Jewish synagogues before the Roman destruction in 70AD.

Click to read about the inscribed rock.

Israel Museum.
There is an exhibit inside the Israel Museum of interpretive art. Little Mavicito is soooooo excited about one giant photo that we just had to share with you!

The pic below shows Israeli soldiers at supper. Does this pic remind you of something? Hmmmm? To the artist/photographer, it appears representative of the Last Supper of Jesus.
What could be The Last Supper of Israeli soldiers.