Friday, July 04, 2008

232nd Anniversary!

6:30AM - Chichen-Itza.
The Team pulled out of our Nite Camp at Kaua, and headed toward the Chichen-Itza archeological site. We arrived before Chichen-Itza had opened. So we cruised the nearby town of Piste and found a possible place for a Nite Camp.

8:30AM - Day Camped at Chichen-Itza.
We have made a Day Camp at Chichen-Itza and want to tour the site before the day heats up too much!
MsTioga and The Team at Chichen-Itza.

11AM - Boid loves Bach!
Little Mavicito and I have returned from our tour of the Mayan ruins of Chichen-Itza. Before we began to mess with the pics that we took, we made breakfast. There are a ton of music CDs aboard MsTioga. We decided to put on one by Johann Sebastian Bach to listen while eating.

We were soooooo surprised to hear Boid chirping up a storm to Bach's music. Boid especially loves organ music. His feathers get all ruffled and big. His head feathers make his head look twice as large. And Boid sings along with the music!
Boid sings with Bach.

12:30PM - Chichen Itza - a work in progress.
Little Mavicito took many pics of fabulous Chichen Itza. However, the pics that he liked best are the ones that show the huge pyramid to be a work-in-progress.

The first pic below shows the front of the pyramid, and seems to be complete in all its majesty. But take a look at the pics from the side! The facade stones have never been installed. Even the stairs are not completed.
Front of pyramid.

Side of pyramid.
Do you see the unfinished stairs and walls?

Close-up of unfinished walls.

7PM - Pollo Asado and a movie!
This afternoon as we cruised the Town of Piste [just west of Chichen Itza], there was this man with a grill filled with pollo asado [BBQ chicken]. I am just nuts over pollo asado in Mexico. I bought a whole chicken which came with rice, a salad and salsa.

Several months ago I ordered the movie "Empire of the Sun", directed by Steven Spielberg. I received the DVD of this movie when I stayed at my son David's home last month. It is a fantastic movie which I watched this evening.

BBQ chicken and a movie. Man-O-Man!
Pollo asado.


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