Monday, July 14, 2008

7:30AM - Leaving Ciudad del Carmen.
MsTioga and The Team have stayed in Ciudad del Carmen for two days. This morning, we are heading southwest out of town toward the City of Villahermosa.

We filled up with gas at the Pemex. Gasoline is going for 7.24 pesos per liter here. Just after the Pemex, we crossed a bridge over the Laguna de Terminos. At the other side of the lagoon, we paid a toll to continue. 123 pesos, about $12US. We believe that the tolls are used for road maintenance. The roads are pretty good.

9AM - Breakfast in Atasta.
The road is heading westerly, somewhat parallel to the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. We have been traveling thru a zone of lagoons, looking for a Breakfast Camp. Places to pull over and make a Camp have been poor. When we came to the soccer field in the Town of Atasta, there was a nice pull out and we took advantage if it!

Across the road is Laguna Atasta. Homes front the highway and have their backyards looking out at the water. Must be nice living here.
Breakfast Camped at Atasta's soccer field.

Milchik Breakfasts.
My Cousin Jacky may be amused when she sees the pic below of my breakfast. When we were traveling together in Israel and stayed a bed-and-breakfast places, they only served "milchik" food for breakfast. No meats. I complained a lot about that to Jacky.

However, now that I have returned to MsTioga, I find myself also making "milchik" breakfasts. Somehow I got to like breakfasts without bacon and sausage! Hmmmmm?
Boid appears ready to attack
my milchik breakfast!

2PM - City of Frontera.
We have made our Nite Camp on a residential street in the City of Frontera. On the way here, we passed across the state border of Campeche. We are now in the state of Tabasco.

Little Boid is very lucky that the border station for Tabasco was not open and inspecting. Tabasco has regulations against birds coming in!


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