Thursday, July 17, 2008

7AM - The Libre Road.
In Spanish the word "libre" means "free." This morning as we left the City of Cardenas, we had the choice of taking the libre road or "cuota" [toll road]. We usually always choose the libre. Not only because it is free. Mainly because it is a more interesting road and we are able to travel thru small towns and see people, stores and stuff.

Careful with daily miles traveled.
We have to be careful with the amount of miles that we travel each day. Gasoline is a lot cheaper here in Mexico than back in the USA. About $2.75/gallon now [7.25 pesos/liter]. Even at this comparatively cheaper price, that is a lot of money for gasoline for MsTioga who only gets about 8 miles/gallon of gas.

Filling up with water.
We usually fill MsTioga's water tank at a Pemex when we buy gasoline. However, when we bought gasoline this morning at the Pemex in Cardenas, the water only trickled out of the hose! Hmmmmm?

As we traveled along the "libre" road, everybody kept their eyes open looking for another Pemex to fill MsTioga's fresh water tank. A bit east of our Morning Camp, we found a large Pemex and a young man showed us the "llave" [hose bibb]. As the tank filled, we had a nice conversation with this young man who is a student supporting himself by working at the Pemex.

After the tank was filled, MsTioga wanted to give the student 10 pesos for helping us.
So, we did!

1PM - Camped in La Venta.
La Venta is a small town on the north side of the highway. We have traveled 49 miles today, so it is time for us to make our Nite Camp. Finding Camps in little towns such as La Venta is a bit of a challenge. The side roads are narrow, and we do not wish to make a Camp on the main road thru town.

The road where we are on is in a residential neighborhood. A few minutes ago, we stopped at a tiny grocery for flour tortillas. We bought the exact flour tortillas that we wanted. "Tia Rosa" brand which are nice and soft.

MsTioga and The Team in La Venta.

6PM - Rebecca invites us to her home.
When we made our Camp at 1pm, we did not know that some plants growing at the roadside were leaning against MsTioga. That is how the ants got inside! Little tiny ants. We decided to move our Camp immediately!

We had found a new Camp, when a lady walked by with her two grandchildren. She introduced herself as Rebecca, and invited MsTioga to park in her patio [backyard]. She explained that it was not safe to park all nite out on the road.

Little Mavicito tried to take a pic of Rebecca to show you. However, like many ladies, Rebecca became shy because her hair was not done correctly. So, we are only able to show you a pic of MsTioga in Rebecca's patio.
Our new Camp in Rebecca's patio.


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