Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7AM - Our magnetic compass.
We are heading out from the City of Villahermosa. MsTioga used a magnetic compass to find her way thru the city. We have Mr. DeLorme, our GPS. However, we like a magentic compass because it is very convenient and always handy. Keeps us going in the right direction!

Where are we going?
We finally updated our 2008 Trip Plan. You may read a summary of what happened to us over the last few months in the Trip Plan. The July 2008 Trip Plan post tells you about where we are heading now.

9AM - City of Cardenas.
We have made a Camp in the City of Cardenas. We would like to find a laundry here. Also, MsTioga would love to have her engine oil changed.

Boid and The Nutcracker.
We have a mysterious story to tell you. And hard it may be for you to believe. However, it is absolutely true! The story is about Boid and The Nutcracker [by Tchaikovsky].

Awhile back I was playing The Nutcracker on MsTioga's CD player and Boid wanted to know the story behind the music. As the music played, I described to Boid what was happening. Well, Boid was charmed by the story and began to sing up a storm!

Boid was especially taken by the part where Clara throws her shoe at the Mouse King, giving The Nutcracker a chance to stab the Mouse King with his sword. Everytime we come to that part of the Mouse Scene, Boid goes bonkers!
Boid sings during the Mouse Scene!


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