Friday, July 11, 2008

7AM - Selling fish.
Yesterday evening we felt too exposed at our Highway Camp alongside the Gulf of Mexico. So, we moved our Camp to the Malecon [sea wall] of the nearby Town of Seybaplaya. This morning we found that the location of our Camp is the place where the fishing boats come in to unload their catch!

Perhaps about 30 fishing boats came in to sell their fish this morning. The business of selling fish is interesting. When the boat lands, men come to meet the boat carrying plastic crates. Somehow a person is chosen to buy the fish [probably by bargaining] and his plastic crate is loaded up. This buyer pays the fisherman for his catch.

The fish are mostly sold in the City of Campeche, north of here. The plastic crates are loaded on to trucks for this transport. Sometimes a man will buy a crate of fish, and then look for a truck owner to sell his fish, thus making a few pesos in the transaction.

In the pics below, you see the first fishing boat to dock and the crate of fish that was caught. Also, do you see how flat the water is? There are no waves to be seen so far in the Gulf of Mexico.

First fishing boat to land.

The catch from this boat.

11AM - Repairing the net.
While eating breakfast this morning, I saw several fishermen along the sidewalk near MsTioga repairing their net. After eating, Little Mavicito and I went over to watch them. We learned a lot of stuff from talking to these fishing guys.

They earn about 300 pesos for each box of fish. However, it costs 250 pesos for gasoline for one nite's worth of fishing. [They go out at nite to fish.] If a boat gets two or more boxes of fish, things are good. We saw most boats this morning returning with only one box.
Guys repairing their net.


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