Sunday, July 13, 2008

7AM - Washing up after the storm.
Yesterday afternoon before we moved to the beach, MsTioga was parked on a dirt road which parallels the Ocean. When the storm came up, the dirt road turned to mud and passing traffic splashed MsTioga with muddy beach sand.

This muddy stuff looks very caustic, and so we decided to wash it off right away. Before today, we have not had to wash MsTioga since our return from Israel. The rainstorms which come regularly every afternoon, keep MsTioga nice and clean!

Washing MsTioga on the
North Beach of Ciudad del Carmen.

Becareful with Boid!
MsTioga likes to play music when she is being washed. So, I went inside and put on a Steve Winwood CD. We like his "Roll With It Baby". As I was going outside again, Boid flew on my head. That is how Boid tells me that I forgot to give him his seeds. Wow! I nearly walked outside with Boid on my head!

Boid likes to eat his morning seeds from my hand. If Boid feeds on my hand for just a few minutes, he is OK to go eat on his own.
Boid eating his morning seeds.


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