Tuesday, July 01, 2008

8AM - Grocery shopping.
The first thing that we have to do is grocery shopping. Mr. Dometic [our hardworking refrigerator] is holding at 38°F. But Mr. Dometic has not one thing inside for food! Soooooo, we are going to Playa del Carmen to shop at the Sorianna market.

How will MsTioga drive?
Everybody on The Team is wondering how MsTioga will drive after not moving since the end of April. Even MsTioga is wondering about that!

George loves MsTioga.
In the pic below, George is kissing MsTioga. Are you able to see from this pic, how much MsTioga was missed while we were visiting Israel? Hmmmmmm?

Who loves MsTioga?

MsTioga's engine.
There is something wrong with MsTioga's engine which is missing, coughing and back firing! Wow! MsTioga suggested that perhaps her gasoline went bad during the two months when she was resting in Akumal.

We went to a gas station and put in $20US of gasoline. However, when we drove away from the gas station, the gas meter had not moved at all. Somehow we were charged for gasoline which was NOT delivered. Man-O-Man!

We continued to drive north to where we wanted to shop for groceries with the engine working good and then starting to miss again.

11AM - Breakfast.
We decided to fill up MsTioga's tank with gasoline and drive around a bit to see if the engine performed better. This time I filled up the tank myself to make sure that gasoline was actually going in the tank. A test drive after this fillup showed that the engine was working fine now. We are soooooo happy that the problem was just the gasoline.

MsTioga made a Breakfast Camp in the City of Playa del Carmen, and I made my first meal since returning to Mexico. It is soooooo wonderful to be back in MsTioga's kitchen again!

Omelette breakfast.

Boid is back!
After breakfast we headed south to where Boid has been living with Kathe, Jamie and their children in the Village of Paal Mal. You may remember that that we had wondered if Boid would be living permanently with the family. However, they will be moving back to the USA this fall, and Boid would prove a problem bringing across the International Border.

As soon a Boid was inside MsTioga, he began flying around having a wonderful time. Boid always loved being free in MsTioga, and is now perched on a seat back chirping and having a fabulous time.

Baby Boid is back!

2PM - The ruins at Coba.
We are heading westerly toward the ancient ruins of Coba. On the way we stopped at Jonna & Mimi's to say goodbye. Little Mavicito was very anxious to take a pic of us on the balcony of their condo!

George, Mimi and Jonna.

5PM - Nite Camped on road to Coba.
As we traveled northwest on the road to Coba, I found that I needed a little nap. Now it is two hours later as the little nap turned into a long one. So, we are making a Nite Camp here alongside the road.

George & Boid
Camped on road to Coba