Tuesday, July 29, 2008

8AM - Huajuapan.
MsTioga and The Team pulled out of the City of Tehuacan. It took us a few tries before we found the road that we wanted to travel today. It is Mexico #125 heading southwest toward the City of Huajuapan.

The road ascended up into the hills. We found ourselves in a gorgeous canyon, filled with tall cactus similar to the cactus that grows near Santa Rosalia in Baja California.

9AM - Breakfast Camped in the mountains.
Although our paper map shows us still to be on the eastern side of the continental divide, it is clear that we are now in a desert environment. It is sooooooo beautiful here!
Breakfast Camped on the road to Huajuapan.

Matzos, eggs and onions for breakfast.

2PM - Pueblo de Acatepec.
As we passed thru the Pueblo de Acatepec, everybody on The Team had their eyes open looking for our Nite Camp. We have gone 34 miles today, and it is a good time to make our Camp.

We came to an intersection with a sign pointing to Caltepec, 5km to the east. We took this dirt road and a short distance later met a crew of guys working on the culvert. They told us that there was a wide place in the road for us to park at the bottom of the hill.

A couple of these guys came over to talk after MsTioga had made her Camp. One of them knew a little English, but we spoke mostly Spanish. He told us that this place is called San Miguel, and it is a neighborhood of Acatepec. He also said that San Miguel is a dry area, and it is difficult to grow crops here.
Our San Miguel Camp.


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