Saturday, July 19, 2008

8AM - Leaving Rebecca's home.
Rebecca and Becky have been asking MsTioga and The Team to stay thru Sunday. Even promising tamales! However, we are Vagabonders-Supreme. And we have traveling in our blood.

So, after many hugs and kisses, we took off down the road.

We headed west toward the port town of Coatzcoalcos [try saying Coatzcoalcos five times real fast!] We found Coatzcoalcos to be town much dedicated to the Pemex company [Petroleos Mexicanos]. A zillion tanker trucks line the road waiting to be loaded.

We did not find any nice place to make a Camp. When we went to park in a Sorianna Grocery parking lot, MsTioga nearly got stuck in a hole that was covered with rain water. Wow!

11AM - Minatitlan.
We have made a Camp in the City of Minatitlan just across the street from Colonel Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Park. The streets around here are pretty narrow, and we have to be very careful to avoid places where MsTioga may have very tight maneuvering.

Our Minatitlan Camp
on a rainy morning.

Very rainy afternoon.
We have decided to stay the Nite at this same Camp. It is soooooooo rainy. MsTioga does not like to drive when it is rainy.

Our Camp is in front of the police station. We asked a couple of police guys if they minded us staying the nite here. They told us that they thought that it was a good idea to park in front of their station, because we are safe here!

The idea of safety is very interesting to us on the TiogaRV team. Because we actually feel safer in Mexico then in the United States!

Nite Camp Location