Thursday, July 03, 2008

8AM - Messing around in Valladolid.
We have laundry to do! So, we are going to stay in Valladolid today. We found "Lavenderia Automatica Lucy", and have made a Camp across the street. Laundry cost is inexpensive here. Our laundry costs $49 pesos [$5US]. We have paid $15US in other parts of Mexico.

The teenage son of the parents who own the laundry came over with his aunt to look at Mr. Levelers [leveling jacks]. I went out and explained why I used Mr. Levelers. He asked if I lived inside, and we had a nice conversation of about the interior of MsTioga. He declined my invitation to look inside, I believe out of politeness. When he returned to the laundry I heard him excitedly telling his family about what was inside MsTioga.

Fruit for breakfast.
Lately I've taken to preparing a fruit breakfast instead of eggs, sausage and tortillas. I don't know why? Maybe it is the heat? It is much cooler inside MsTioga without the stove going. The fruits are soooooo good that I've bought lately. Yesterday I bought some wonderfully sweet strawberries and added cut up banana and strawberry yogurt.
Cutting up strawberries for breakfast.

5PM - Nite Camped in a small village.
A couple of hours after our laundry was done in Valladolid, we headed west on the free road toward Merida. About 15 miles down this road, it was getting close to camping time and we looked around for a Nite Camp.

The name of this village is Kaua. Looking out the window from Ms. Viola's computer work station, we see a home with walls constructed of poles made from small trees with very straight trunks. It is a quiet place.
Our Nite Camp in Kaua