Friday, July 25, 2008

8AM - National Park.
Northwest of the City of Orizaba is a National Park which we would like to see. Our Guia Roji map of Mexico shows a road going to La Perla, a suburb of Orizaba. La Perla appears to be very close to the National Park. MsTioga has been wending her way thru the center of Orizaba, trying to find her way to La Perla.

We made several temp camps this morning to look around and ask directions. At one of these stops, a man with a cart came by selling things. Curious, Little Mavicito went out to see what the people were buying.

A pastry cart!

9AM - La Perla.
Going thru the streets in the center of a town in Mexico is a bit of a gamble. We could find our way blocked by streets closed for an outdoor market. Sometimes trucks stopped to make deliveries, are very wide and MsTioga only has inches to pass.

We made our way thru the center of Orizaba, and came to a road where buses were traveling. One of these buses had a "La Perla" sign, so we followed that bus.

MsTioga has made her Morning Camp in what we believe is La Perla. After breakfast we shall ask neighbors about the National Park.

La Perla Morning Camp.

Weather in the Sierra Madres.
As you may know, we have been heading toward the Sierra Madre range in order to find relief from heat and humidity of the Yucatan Peninsula. We do not know too much about the Sierra Madre range in this part of Mexico. However, we have learned something about these mountains during the last few days of our journey.

We have found that as we approached the Sierra Madres, our elevation in only the past two days went from near sea level to 4,000 feet. The temperature this morning is a wonderful 72°F. And the humidity that was soooooooo oppressive, is gone!

National Park - Part 2.
During the afternoon, MsTioga and The Team searched again for the National Park. However, the roads that we found, do not go to the Park. Perhaps the National Park entrance is a bit further to the west?

We found a small river that we had seen on Google Earth. We would have made a Camp next to this stream if there was access.

Grocery markets.
The little groceries in this area do not have a place for customers to enter. The customer stands outside, and tells the clerk inside the store what is wanted. This is unusual for us. We have only seen a very few of this kind of grocery in Mexico.

Later on, we found a huge Sorianna Market. Sort of like a WalMart Super Center. Next door to the Sorianna, Little Mavicito was surprised to find an eight screen movie theater!
Eight screen movie theater.


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