Thursday, July 24, 2008

8AM - Orizaba.
We have pulled out of the Town of Cordoba, and are heading toward the City of Orizaba. MsTioga is following the free road.

We entered a deep valley filled with one of the most gorgeous forests that we have seen in Mexico. At the bottom of the valley, MsTioga crossed a bridge over a swiftly flowing stream. Then we climbed up the other side.

Oh!! How we wanted to make a Camp in this valley soooooooo much! But there was no place to pull over. No place for a Camp. At the top of the valley, the land opened up. Ahead is a town, and we have made a Morning Camp just outside this town.
Our Morning Camp.

12 Noon - Laundry Camped.
For several days we have been keeping our eyes open looking for a lavanderia [laundry]. We stopped at a Banemex ATM to get some money, and that was when we found a tiny lavanderia with two washers and one dryer.

MsTioga has made a Laundry Camp around the corner from the lavanderia in an industrial section of the City of Olizaba.

5PM - Finding our Nite Camp.
Today we received an email from Reader Matt who wondered how we find our Camps here in Mexico. Well, it is often different ways.

Sometimes we make a Camp at the first good place we find. Other times, we explore a lot and are more choosy. Today after picking up our laundry, we went looking for a Camp near the mountains.

When we found that the roads we tried did not go up to the mountains, we chose a Camp close to the mountains.
Our close to mountain Camp in Olizaba.


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