Wednesday, July 30, 2008

9AM - The big storm of yesterday.
Living in MsTioga is living close to nature. In the forests, wild animals walk past. We see nature up close.

Yesterday afternoon, the sky got dark. Thunder and lighting in the distance. Soon the storm was directly over us. We are California kids, and not used to storms like this. The thunder and lightning is very scary.

Just behind MsTioga is a dry creek. Here is what the creek looks like this morning.
Dry creek this morning.

And here is a video of the dry creek yesterday, just after the storm.

Confusion over USA and Mexico.
My two posts of a few days ago, where various Team Members argued about whether we should live in Mexico permanently or not, has turned out to be confusing to some readers.

MsTioga and The Team will be going back to the United States. However, where we travel in the USA is dependent on the price of gasoline and our income.

1PM - The land turns green.
You may remember the pic on our blog showing us in the desert. Suddenly this afternoon, we crossed over into a new area and everything is soooooo green! Below is a pic that Little Mavicito captured along the highway.
On the west side of continental divide.

5PM - City of Huajuapan.
MsTioga and The Team have arrived in the City of Huajuapan. [We love the names of towns in this part of Mexico.]

Our Camp is in a vacant lot, above the City. Little Mavicito went up on MsTioga's roof to show you what it looks like from here!
It is raining in Huajuapan!


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