Tuesday, July 08, 2008

9AM - Jonna & Mimi are lost.
We cannot find them. Last nite an email came in from them planning our meeting in the Liverpool Shopping Center parking lot. This morning, we looked and looked for them, and could not find their RV.

We sent Jonna an email telling her what has happened. We returned to our Nite Camp location and are waiting for them to arrive here.

Painting maintenance.
Before our trip to Israel, we touched up nearly all of the paint problems on MsTioga's exterior. We use RustOleum, a good quality paint. We are very surprised to find that places that we painted in April, are already rusted. Wow!
Painting rusty screw heads.

12Noon - Heading south.
Jonna and Mimi have not showed up. So, we are heading south toward the Mayan ruins of Uxmal. We will not arrive at Uxmal until tomorrow.

DHL Air Freight.
Have you been following our dilemma with getting tax information to our tax guy in California? You may recall that at first we had a problem printing the expense report from Quicken. With the help of readers, we created a PDF file of the expense report and were able to print it out.

However, there is another challenge. We need to scan our 1099 documents, and create files from these scans. The idea is, that we would be able to email attachments of these files to our tax guy. Unfortunately, the drivers downloaded from HP for our scanner crashed. We are not able to scan documents yet.

We have a new plan now. We are going to try to use DHL Air Freight to fly our documents to the tax guy. We do not know where the DHL Air Freight office is located. But we are guessing that there may be one near the Merida Airport.

After asking about DHL at the airport check-in counter, then the air freight building, we are told that there is a DHL office down the road from the airport next to a Pemex gas station! Wow!
In the DHL office!

Our Nite Camp.
We checked out three little towns off the highway. There is no good place for MsTioga to make a Camp in these tiny towns. So, we have made our Camp in a very large pull-out along the highway. The hope is that traffic will die down by bedtime, and be quiet enough for sleeping.

The Team's Camp along
the highway to Uxmal.

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