Monday, July 21, 2008

9AM - MsTioga's oil change.
Although this is my 6th year in Mexico, I often make mistakes with Mexican money. This morning we found a tire place that changes oil. I asked the price for a labor only oil change, and it was 30 pesos [$3US].

However, in my mind I was thinking $30US [not $3US]. I was just about to drive away, because $30US for labor only is a great deal of money in Mexico. However, I decided to pay it.

When the oil change was complete and I went to hand the cashier 300 pesos, she reminded me that the price is only 30 pesos. Wow! Will I ever get pesos straight in my head?
MsTioga getting her oil changed.

Tropical Storm Dolly.
It appears as though Tropical Storm Dolly with all of its rain is heading northwest to Texas and Northern Mexico. We on The Team are sooooooo glad about that. We have had a lot of rain fall on us during the past month and did not want to say "Hello" to Dolly.

11AM - A fork in the road.
As we traveled west today, we came to a fork in the road for our trip to the City of Puebla. The choice was to go west thru cities of Tuxtepec and Tehuacan on small roads. Or, go northwest thru Tierra Blanca, Cordoba and Orizaba on larger roads.

We chose the large road route, because it was not clear how MsTioga would be while climbing in the mountains on small [narrow] roads.

In case you missed reading about us going to Puebla, we are going there because this town is in the Sierra Madre range. At an elevation of 7,000 feet, we are hoping to find some relief there from humidity and high temperatures!

2PM - Nite Camped in City of Tierra Blanca.
We have made our Nite Camp in Tierra Blanca, which appears to be a fairly large city. We looked around for a quiet place for our Camp. However, we could not find one. Tierra Blanca seems to be a busy place with lots of traffic. There is also a railroad here, and we are able to here the train's horn in the distance.


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