Wednesday, July 02, 2008

9AM - Town of Coba.
MsTioga and The Team have made a Morning Camp in the town of Coba. There are Mayan ruins located here.

MsTioga is Camped next to a lake. Breakfast this morning is going to be a pear cut up with strawberry yogurt on top.

MsTioga in Town of Coba.

3PM - Veggies are hard to find!
We have made our Nite Camp in the City of Valladolid. On the way here, we stopped to look for vegetables at many groceries in tiny towns along the highway. It is challenging to shop for vegetables in many parts of southern Mexico.

I wanted squash, baby carrots and radishes and found only onions and tomatoes. In the sleepy town of Chemax, the store owner was lying on the concrete floor. "It's cool on the floor", he told me. "Do you have any squash?", I asked?

We bought this squash.

Valladolid is in the State of Yucatan.

A thought about the Israel trip.
If I could have rented an RV in Israel instead of a room, my trip would have been soooooo different. So much more exciting. So fantastic!

The pic below is at our Nite Camp in Valladolid in Mexico's Yucatan. Can you imagine this pic of The Team in Israel instead of Mexico?
Tioga and George in
Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico.