Monday, July 07, 2008

Boid needs more seeds.
Boid is down to 1/2 bag of his seeds. This morning we asked around the neighborhood for a veterinary and used Mr. Trek to go there. The vet had bird food, but not seeds. This food looked like tiny balls of dry cereal. We decided not to buy this new cereal food for Boid, because he is a conservative kind of guy!

The clerk at the vet told of a big pet store in El Centro, and we are going to look around there this morning.

Found a pet store.
It is a good thing that we decided to go on Mr. Trek [bicycle] into El Centro [the center] of Merida to look for a store that sells bird seed. There is no place for MsTioga to park in El Centro, and difficult just to drive there.

We went to about 10 stores that sold pet food. One of these stores had Boid's bird seed in bulk, and we bought 2 kilograms [about 4.4 pounds] for only $2.80US. A very good price. We looked and looked for the sand that boid needs for his digestion, and could not find any. We still have some sand left.

Visiting with Jonna and Mimi.
We want to visit with our reader/friends Jonna and Mimi. You may remember that they watched over MsTioga during the Israel trip. Jonna and Mimi will be arriving tonite. We expect them to show us the home that they are building here in the City of Merida.

The Liverpool Shopping Center.
We traveled to the north end of Merida in order to be Camped near where Jonna and Mimi will be staying in an RV Campground. Upon arriving here, the huge Liverpool Shopping Center looked very inviting.

Inside, we found an ice skating rink. Also, a "Just For Kids" barbershop!

A cool ice rink in a tropical jungle area.

Kids occupied with computers
while getting their haircut.

The Wimbledon Men's final.
We found a Chili's Restaurant with the Federer/Nadal Wimbledon Championship tennis match playing on the TV! It is the final set of a five set match. Federer and Nadal are even at this point. A few games later, Nadal pulled out the winning touch and won Wimbledon.
I am a Federer fan, but found this match so very exciting!

Oh yes, I ordered Baby Back Ribs to eat while watching the tennis match!
Rafael Nadal - Wimbledon Men's Champion.

How good can it get?
I have begun to wonder lately how good things can get. Take the Windows operating system called Vista. Is it better than the previous XP operating system?

When I bought my HP printer/scanner/copier, all that was necessary was to power it up and hook up the USB port. In a few seconds, the HP was ready to go. That was with Microsoft's XP operating system.

Now that I have my new computer with Vista, things are not so simple anymore. Now it is necessary to search for drivers online, download and install them. And the HP drivers for Vista have bugs, so that they do not always install.

It is my belief, that there may be a limit as to how good things like software can get. Once past that limit, it may be all downhill from there. Bummer.

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