Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Checking heaters.
Since we are heading to the 7,000 foot elevation in the Sierra Madres, it may get cool during the nite. So, we decided to check our heaters. MsTioga's forced air heater's blower turns on. However, the heater's furnace does not ignite.

Mr. Chips, our most intelligent Team Member, believes that the problem is corrosion on the electrical connectors. Same as happened to the water heater. So, we are applying Caig DeOxIT.

When we tested our Mr. Wave6 Catalytic Heater, he lit up with no problems!
Putting DeOxIT on heater connections.

XM Radio.
We mentioned to you that since returning to Mexico from our Israel trip, the XM Radio has been getting a signal that is not clear. It sounds as though the XM is not tuned in properly. XM Radio has an online fix for this problem. They call it "refreshing."

There is a link that we click, to start the "refreshing process." We have tried to "refresh" our XM several times, and the "refresh" has not worked.

The XM Radio has a strong signal, and all of the channels come in. Perhaps we are too far south for the "refresh" to work? Hmmmmm?

2PM - Cordoba!
Does the name Cordoba bring to your mind the Country of Spain? Maybe bull fights? We have arrived in Cordoba, Mexico, which appears to be a highly industrial city.

We did not realize it as we drove this morning, but we have been climbing in elevation. Cordoba is at 3,100 feet. No more humidity! Things are dry! Wow! This is our first non-humid day since returning to Mexico. And first day above close to sea level.

As we approached the City of Cordoba, Little Mavicito got his first look at the Sierra Madre range.
The Sierra Madres.


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