Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cold Shower.
This morning MsTioga's hot water heater would not ignite. This got me to thinking about how many things must work in order for life to be easy for MsTioga and The Team! Also, how very lucky we are to be living this life.

Do you remember when MsTioga had her fiberglass job last year? At the time our thinking was that this was an extravagance that we could barely afford. However, if MsTioga had not gotten a new fiberglass roof, there is no doubt that she would have been destroyed by the very wet weather of Mexico's Yucatan.

When we think from this perspective, a cold shower does not seem to be too bad.
Across from our Camp
a man searches for firewood.

Note: Many people living around here use firewood for cooking because propane gas is too expensive for them.

10AM - Heading west.
All around us it is very cloudy. Stormy looking clouds. We are heading out now going west as far as we are able to go today. If rain comes, we will make a Camp.

We are heading for the mountains and the City of Puebla. Weather looks better there. However, if we continue at our present daily pace, it will be several days until we arrive at Puebla. So maybe we will up our daily miles traveled.

12 Noon - On the toll road.
We took the toll road today because we wanted make some miles. We on The Team, do not like these toll roads! The toll roads have very few exits and very few pull-outs. And this toll road is filled with pot holes!

We are stopped along the toll road for lunch at one of the few pull-outs. We made a nice tuna salad, that even had a hard boiled egg included!
MsTioga at the beginning
of the toll road.

3PM - Camped in Loma Bonita.
At the very first exit from the toll road, we took it and headed west. MsTioga and The Team have made a Nite Camp in the Town of Loma Bonita. Our Camp is in a residential neighborhood.

As you may see in the pic below, it is sunny. There are clouds all around us. However, for now there is no rain!
Nice afternoon in Loma Bonita.

Hot water heater is working!
This morning we sprayed every electrical connection in the hot water heater with Caig DeOxIT Gold. This fantastic product has gotten electrical stuff for us fixed when there seemed to be no way to go.

DeOxIT sometimes takes little while to remove the oxidation and restore an electrical circuit. Some of our reader friends are delighted with Caig DeOxIT. Jonna and Mimi, for example!

We just checked the hot water heater, and the burner ignites great now!


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