Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cost of living in Yucatan.
This morning there were three guys clearing jungle growth near our Nite Camp. They used machetes and some kind of hooked tool to cut the plants down. Each man carried a file to keep his tools sharp. From the look of their cutting, the tools are very, very sharp.

I introduced myself and asked what it was necessary to earn in order to live around here. "About 200 pesos daily", answered one of the men. Another volunteered, "I can do it on 150 pesos. I don't buy my girlfriend beer." The others laughed at that reply.
Note: 1 peso = approximately 10 cents US.

Cutting back jungle for a living.

Traveling in an RV in the Yucatan.
Have you thought about driving your RV down to the Yucatan to explore the ancient sites of the Mayan people? Maybe you have wondered about how the roads would be? Would your RV be able to handle the roads down here?

This pic shows the jungle alongside the road. The jungle is endless and thick as far as we are able to see.

Free road heading west toward Merida.

4:30PM - Afternoon Camped in Merida park.
MsTioga and The Team have been camping in a park at the eastside of the City of Merida. It is soooooo humid here, you would not believe!

I went into a large WalMart kind of store to get out of the humidity. But for the past two hours, have been in this park. Strangely, Boid seems to love it here and is tweeting up a storm.

The Team in a Merida park.

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