Friday, July 18, 2008

Friendly Mexico!
You may know from following my adventures all over Mexico, that we have been welcomed by families everywhere in this country. It is an amazing feeling to feel sooooooo welcome! Beyond my ability to describe to you!

Yesterday afternoon, Rebecca washed her hair and told me that she was now ready for her picture to be taken. Wow! I got such a kick out of that!

Rebecca, two of her daughters
and a grand daughter.

During yesterday evening, one of Rebecca's sons and his friend practiced songs on their guitars. And they both sang too! One of my favorite songs that they did was "La Bamba." It is like a concert!

Playing guitar.

The Olmeca Ruins.
Becky and her daughter Gracy want to take us to see the Ruins of the ancient Omeca people who lived nearby. We walked over to the museum, and then entered the archaelogical site.

Gracy and me with
the stone head.

Becky & Gracy on pyramid hill.


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