Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jungle becomes farms.
A few days ago when MsTioga and The Team were traveling toward Merida, the jungle was soooooo thick. When heading south of Merida, the jungle was cleared a bit and cattle ranches began to appear. Then the jungle was cleared much more and farms appeared, some of them very large extending out as far as we could see.

This morning we have made a Breakfast Camp on the entrance road to a small farm. On the left side of the road is a field of melons. On the right, a field of corn. We have found corn to be the main crop around here.

Breakfast Camped on a farm.

2:30PM - Gulf of Mexico.
We have made a Camp along the Gulf of Mexico, south of the City of Campeche. We had thought that the Gulf of Mexico, being soooooo BIG, would be easy to find. We were wrong!

We had traveled west thru Campeche and did not find the Gulf. So, we traveled south on the free road to Champoton. Our Guia-Roji map shows this road next to the Gulf. Once we caught a glimpse of the Gulf, then it disappeared. But MsTioga [who has never seen the Gulf] urged us to have faith.

Then suddenly, there it was. And we even found a place to make a Camp only about 20 meters from the water!!
Camped along the Gulf of Mexico.


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