Saturday, July 12, 2008

Little Mavicito shares a pic.
Last Nite we made our 2nd Nite Camp in the Town of Seybaplaya. Little Mavicito captured a sundown pic, and wants to share it with you!

Sundown at the Malecon of Seybaplaya.

11AM - Breakfast Camp along the Gulf of Mexico.
We are heading southwest. The highway has been following the Gulf of Mexico for awhile. There are few places to turn off. The road planners here apparently do not think about travelers when constructing.

When we came to a rare turnoff close to the water, we made a Breakfast Camp. It is warm inside MsTioga, but not too bad at 88°F.
Breakfast Camped northwest of Ciudad del Carmen.

5PM - On the beach of Ciudad del Carmen.
When we reached Ciudad del Carmen, the first thing we saw was Bodega Aurrera, a store chain that may be owned by Wal*Mart. We were soooooo happy to see this store, because there are things that are difficult to buy here in Mexico. Baby shampoo, for example.

Then we went looking for our Nite Camp, and headed for North Beach. Just as we arrived, a big rain storm was moving in from the northeast. After the storm, we made a Nite Camp on the beach.
On the beach.


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