Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Maintenance chores.
Yesterday we made a post about painting maintenance. Many readers sent email and posted in our ShoutBox telling how to avoid this maintenance.

We on TheTeam, love doing maintenance chores. Especially painting. That is a wonderful job which gives me soooooo much satisfaction! It is very important to me to have things to do such as this. I would not give them up for anything!

Step repainted this morning.

9AM - Ruins of Uxmal site.
MsTioga and The Team have arrived at Uxmal and made a Camp in a lot belonging to a fancy looking hotel. There is talk among some Team members, of going to look at the restaurant and see what they serve there. Hmmmmmm?

Hotel at Uxmal.

The pyramid of Uxmal is soooooooo huge! Maybe as huge as the pyramid of Chichen Itza. This Uxmal pyramid has rounded corners. Something Little Mavicito and I have not seen before.

3PM - Worried about Boid.
Do you remember when we almost lost Boid the first time we entered the State of Campeche last April? The State of Campeche had some regulation which the border guards said would not allow Little Boid to cross the state border.

Well, we are very close to the border of Campeche again. Instead of worrying about what will happen, we had a Team Meeting and decided to cross the Campeche border today.

Guess what?! There was no inspection station when we reached the state border! Wow! We are sooooooo happy!
Little Boid is safe!


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