Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mr. Datastorm gets FAPed!
Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Datastorm experienced his first HughesNet Fair Access Policy [FAP]. We did not even understand what FAP was when we began to download "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" from the YouTube website. This is the movie starring Humphrey Bogart about three guys who search for gold in the desert of Mexico.

Later on in the afternoon when Mr. Datastorm went online, browsing was very, very slow! That's when we saw the terrible orange dot indicator and the FAP notice on Mr. Datastorm's System Control Center. Wow! Making our last post yesterday was like swimming thru glue.

We won't make this mistake ever again!

Notes: HughesNet is Mr. Datastorm's satellite internet service provider. It is my understanding that "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" is in the public domain.

11AM - Am I OK?
A few moments ago, a plain clothes security man came by with a uniformed policeman to find out if I was OK? Did I need any help? When I told them that I was fine, they excused themselves politely, shook my hand and went on their way.

Isn't this a wonderful thing for the police and security to do?

In six years of traveling in Mexico, I have never had a neighbor around my Nite Camps call the police on me. And, I have never been hasseled by a Mexican policeman about my camping.
Tioga and George at City of Huajuapan Camp.

1PM - Our FAP just ended!
Twenty four hours after Mr. Datastorm got FAPed, it ended. Our system indicator is now a gorgeous green!

2PM - Haircut and fish dinner.
I've been needing a haircut for a few weeks. Somehow, a haircut place eluded me. MsTioga drove thru the center [El Centro] of Huajuapan where we found several shops, with no place to park. The streets in El Centro are very narrow. We had just about given up, when we came across a salon with a perfect parking place across the street!

The haircut cost 30 pesos [$3US]. I gave the young lady who cut my hair a 10 peso [$1US] tip.

It seemed like a good time for going out to eat. I'd not eaten out for a long time. Little Mavicito and I spotted a fish restaurant, that he patrons inside told us was a good place.

Fish dinner for only $5.80US.

George shows his buzz cut!

5PM - MsTioga quits running.
We had just entered the Town of Temazulapan and found a possible Nite Camp. I decided to look around a bit more, and that was when MsTioga's engine would not start! Wow!

Not only MsTioga's engine. Nothing else electrical worked either. No head lights. No starter. Nothing. I figured that there must be a blown master fuse somewhere, and was reading in the manual to find out what the problem could be.

That was when Francisco and his wife Adela drove up in their truck. Francisco wanted to help figure out the problem. When I tried to use the auxiliary battery to start MsTioga's engine, Francisco immediately went over and tested the battery cable connections. Guess what?! The engine battery ground cable was loose!

6PM - Invited to Camp at Francisco's home.
After MsTioga was running again, Francisco invited me to stay in the field behind his home. Francisco and his wife were going to check up on their corn field and promised to return shortly. He told me to drive down the road and turn left at the house with the horse in front.

As MsTioga was driving into the field behind Francisco's home, his daughters came out to talk to me. Soon they were visiting inside MsTioga!

Rosalie, Jasmin and Mira.

Boid loves kids. Here he is eating seeds from
Jasmin's hand while sister Mira watches.

A while later, Francisco and his wife Adela came to visit in MsTioga too. We talked about stuff for hours.

Francisco and Adela.

Amazing coincidence or a gift from God?
You may be wondering how things like meeting Francisco and his family happen to me. Have you noticed how often stuff like this happens to The Team? Hmmmmm?


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