Sunday, July 27, 2008

MsTioga wants to fulltime in Mexico - Part #1
For much of yesterday, we had a Team Meeting to discuss what is best for us. Everybody participated.

It was a very energetic meeting about whether we should live fulltime in Mexico!

Mainly because of the price of gasoline, we would find traveling in the USA quite challenging.
MsTioga pointed out that the price of her gasoline is sooooooo low in Mexico. Only $2.70/gallon for regular. Also, MsTioga loves the mechanics at the Ford dealer in Tepic, Mexico.

Mr. Dometic was concerned because there are no service centers for him in Mexico. Mr. Dometic wondered what would happen to him if something went wrong in his system?

XM-Radio is concerned about fulltiming in Mexico too. Just yesterday, we received an email from the service people at XM telling us that our reception problem [lots of static] is an equipment failure. XM-Radio wondered about getting equipment replacement in Mexico.

Little Boid, as you may imagine, is very much for living fulltime in Mexico. Little Boid pointed out how he is not wanted in the USA. "They won't let me cross the border without being in quarantine for a whole month!", said Little Boid.

Mr. Datastorm would like to return to the USA at least once a year in order to visit with his pal Steve O'Bosky [Datastorm dealer].

[To be continued.]

12 Noon - City of Tehuacan.
You may remember reading that we were planning heading west to the large City of Puebla in the direction of Mexico City. However, the more we thought about the large cities in that direction, the more we remembered how much we enjoy smaller cities, towns and ranchos.

So, we headed southwest toward the City of Tehuacan. On the way to Tehuacan, we came to our last Nite Camp in the outskirts of the Pueblo of Acultzingo. There was a festival going on called, "Arco de Flores" [Rainbow of Flowers]. Looked like fun time!

5PM - Painting maintenance.
MsTioga believes that her painting maintenance should go down a lot once we are out of the heavy rain areas of Mexico. I have been painting rusty stuff nearly everyday lately.

We on the TiogaRV Team feel that keeping up on rust maintenance is very, very important. Once rust gets the upper hand on a metal part, it is too late to do much!
Painting MsTioga's outer door latches.


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