Monday, July 28, 2008

MsTioga wants to fulltime in Mexico - Part #2
As we wrote yesterday, MsTioga and The Team are thinking about fulltiming in Mexico. However, as was also pointed out by various Team Members, we may be crossing the border into the USA from time to time! There are people to see, and things to buy in the USA.

Wise old Mr. Chips [our desktop computer] was looking over the Shout Box posts this morning. Mr. Chips says that he feels complimented by those posts. "Even the critical posts seem like compliments to me!", said Mr. Chips. "That readers would take the time to post how they feel is a compliment, don't you think?"

Being open about our life on The Team.
If you have been following the TiogaRV Team's adventures for awhile, then you know that we are pretty open with what goes on here. Even when we do foolish things, we write about these things here on the blog for all our readers to know about.

We are not being masochistic. We want to present ourselves as we really are. [My two sons, David and Joseph read my blog. I want David and Joseph to know the real me and I find that somewhat difficult to do face-to-face.]

Yesterday I watched the movie, "A River Runs Through It." This is a wonderful story about a family living their life in Montana in the early 1900s. The father is a minister, and in one of his final sermons he says, "And so it is that those who live with us and should know us, elude us. However, we can love them completely, without understanding!"

When I hear these words, I am a bit sad. Because I want to know those that I love completely. And I want them to know me. But the minister is right! That knowing is soooooo elusive!

8PM - Roast beast.
We have stayed at the same Nite Camp as yesterday. We are here again because of preparing a roast beast. It was a very tough piece of meat, and required almost six hours of roasting to turn into a wonderfully tasty and tender roast!

MsTioga does not like to drive when we have something cooking in her oven.


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