Sunday, July 06, 2008

Problems with Quicken.
My plan to file my income tax for 2007 got screwed up when the computer was stolen in Israel. The new plan was to print out from Quicken 2001, the accounting stuff that my tax guy needs to prepare my taxes. [I have an extension for late filing]

From a backup, I restored my 2007 Quicken data. What I hoped to do was to print out this data on a report and FedEx it to my tax guy. Unfortunately, Quicken 2001 does not want to print to the HP C4280 printer.

I updated the drivers for the HP C4280 online. Quicken 2001 still does not print. My computer operating system is Windows Vista.

If there is a solution to this problem, I have yet to discover what it may be.

10AM - Merida.
We are heading south in the City of Merida. We have been searching for water to fillup MsTioga's tank for the past few days. This morning we found a Pemex that had a water connection for our hose. We do not know why so many Pemex stations here in Merida have no water connections?

We have made a Breakfast Camp close to a Sorianna grocery store in order to stock up on stuff that is difficult to buy in the Yucatan. The big stores like Sorianna have yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. The small groceries along the road, do not carry stuff like this. These smaller stores always have chips and Coca Cola however.

Checking out Honda generator.
We've decided to check out our little 1KW Honda generator which has not been used since going to Israel. At first the Honda would not start. Then, when the motor did start, we had to keep it on full choke for about 10 minutes, before it would run normally. The Honda has been running for about 1/2 hour now, and is doing fine!

Watching the Honda run.

Stuff that doesn't work right.
Since returning from Israel, we have found two things that do not work correctly. One is the XM Radio. We get a signal, but the sound is all garbled and difficult to understand. Maybe all the moisture down here somehow got into the antenna?

The valve at the bottom of the toilet that holds water in the bowl dried out during the Israel trip. Before that trip, water always remained in the bowl between uses. Now, the water very slowly drains into the tank.

Quicken advice from readers.
Several emails were received with advice on how to print from Quicken 2001 with a Vista operating system. From this advice, printing to a file was selected and then the file was succesfully printed out on paper.

Isn't this the greatest thing? Hmmmmmm?

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