Wednesday, August 06, 2008

10AM - Señorita Tioga's coolant leak fixed.
Yesterday at the Ford dealer in the City of Huajuapan, it was discovered that Señorita Tioga had a leaking heater core. Now that we know what the problem is, we realize that this leak has been coming on for awhile!

Wetness on the carpet underneath the heater, was thought to be from a leaking 5-gallon drinking water bottle. That is where we store our reserve water bottle. We first noticed this wetness about 4-weeks ago. When we removed the water bottle to let the carpet dry, the wetness evaporated. However, we now realize that the wetness came from a leaking heater, not an almost empty water bottle.

A new heater is required to completely repair the leak. However, parts like this are not available in Mexico. So, the Ford mechanic suggested by passing the heater by connecting the input and output hoses. And that what was done.

Cost of the heater leak repair and completely replacing the engine coolant is 819 pesos [$81.90US].

10:30AM - Breakfast Camped above Huajuapan.

We headed west out of Huajuapan, into the hills. Señorita Tioga climbed 900 feet in elevation. Her engine temp remained locked on cool! We are soooooo happy about that.

We have made a Breakfast Camp in a large pullout alongside the highway.
Breakfast Camped in the hills of Huajuapan.

Salmon patties!
We decided to prepare salmon patties for breakfast. We on the RV Tioga Team, love salmon patties!

My Mom gave me the recipe for salmon patties years ago.
Salmon patty production line!

4PM - New house battery for Señorita Tioga.
We have arrived in the City of Acatlan. This is a pretty large town. We don't see any modern stores here. No WalMart or CostCo. We are looking for an auto parts store selling batteries.

Do you remember when Señorita Tioga's house battery went bad awhile back? We took that bad battery out of the house circuit. Meanwhile, Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank has been powering the house circuit alone. However, there is not enough amperage available with this setup. We need a battery up front in order to power the starter if necessary.

We find the store we want on the main road thru town. There are a good selection of new batteries for sale. Two young teenage boys are running the store for their father. And they are pretty good too! They provided clamps with screw type connectors for the cables. Just what we needed!
The "boys" installing the battery.

5PM - Acatlan Nite Camp.
We looked around a bit for a Nite Camp on a street away from the highway. We love to sleep where it is quiet!

We found our Camp across the road from a Jardin de Niños [kindergarten].


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