Monday, August 18, 2008

11AM - Cerro de Guernica National Park.
This morning we headed west, leaving Cd. Hidalgo and going toward Morelia. There was a fork in the road. One where most of the traffic headed. The other fork, a road less traveled was the one we took.

We are now in the Cerro de Guernica National Park and have made a Camp at the 8,700' elevation. We are near what appears to be the summit. It is a grey and rainy day. However, most of us on The Team are snug and warm inside Señorita Tioga.

Our little Olympian Wave-6 catalytic heater makes us soooooo comfy!

As you may see in the pic below, our Little Honda 1KW generator is on the job. Mr. Sunny needs some help in the electrical department because he is only generating 8 amps.
Camped in the forest!

5PM - Camped near a waterfall.
As we came down the western side of the mountain, we were driving thru the clouds. Señorita Tioga was concerned that nite would come and she would be still driving in the clouds with very poor visibility. So, we were very happy when the clouds cleared, and we came upon a place to Camp next to a beautiful waterfall.

Little Mavicito wanted to capture a pic without the Pepsi truck. But the three guys in this truck seemed to be camping there themselves!
Camped at El Salto Waterfall.


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