Sunday, August 31, 2008

12 Midnite - Falling asleep on Lover's Lane
Yesterday morning Señorita Tioga moved up the beach to be away from the crowds that we were told came here on the weekends. We did not know that our new Camp was right in the middle of Lover's Lane!
  • Parties in Mexico.
  • A party here in the Country of Mexico means music. And music in Mexico is loud. Very loud! Last nite I was messing with Ms. Viola [laptop] until midnite. I'd not paid attention to what was going on outside all around our Camp. Lovers and friends had gathered in cars and trucks to party.

    In order to play music, car doors are opened so that the music system's speakers play to the outside. By midnite, a cacophony of Mexican song bellowed out all around our Camp. I figured that I would not get to sleep until 3 to 4AM!
  • Mother Nature to the rescue!
  • About five minutes after I went to bed, the patter of raindrops was heard on Señorita Tioga's roof. Music system speakers and rain do not mix very well. Quickly car owners closed their doors to protect from the rain. When the car doors closed, the music could barely be heard.

    Cars began to leave Lover's Lane. Only a few minutes after the rain began to fall, there was not a car left on the beach.

Sunday afternoon - At the Cajititlán Beach.
People from come from all over the State of Jalisco and especially from the City of Guadalajara go to the beach at Cajititlán on Sunday. The malecón and plaza of town are packed.
Boats bring visitors from
the other side of the lake and return.

The ice cream stand is very busy.

The fish restaurant where
I ate yesterday is packed.

Fresh fruit stands are
soooooo popular!

2008 U.S. Open Tennis Tournament.
I'm crazy about tennis. However, I have no TV reception to watch the US Open. This year the United States Tennis Association published a gorgeous web page with live scores and a lot of other neat stuff.

Here is the link:

Leaving Cajititlán: We will be leaving the Town and Lake of Cajititlán early tomorrow morning. We have made our Camp here for four days! That's a long time for us addicted vagabonders!


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