Monday, August 04, 2008

5AM - Mr. Datastorm needs to go north.
Here in the Town of Putla, Mr. Datastorm appears to have gone close to the limit of his satellite footprint. Every satellite has a "footprint" that it projects on the surface of the Earth. Within this footprint is the satellite's transmission signal. When MsTioga drives close to the edge of that footprint, Mr. Datastorm's connectivity gets bad or stops altogether. We are very close to the southern edge of Mr. Datastorm's satellite footprint now.

The last time that Mr. Datastorm had problems like this was in the City of Zihuatanejo at just about that same latitude location as where we are now. We had forgotten about that Datastorm problem in Zihuatanejo. That was back in February of this year. When Mr. Datastorm failed in February, we continued to publish our blog from internet cafes. Not good!

So, this morning we are going back north up the mountain when we leave Putla instead of south to the Pacific Ocean.

11:30AM - Morning Camped for a Datastorm test.
MsTioga is now Camped at the 6,800 foot elevation [up from 2,400 feet], so that Mr. Datastorm may make a test of his system. Mr. Datastorm's antenna went right up and locked on to the satellite. No transmission problems at all now that we moved north.

We are going to eat breakfast here too. The people who engineered this road did not have pullouts even on the radar screen! This is one of the few pullouts that we have found.
Mr. Datastorm online!

Breakfast with Boid.

Lately, Little Boid has become more than a bit aggressive with my food. MsTioga says that Boid is acting sex crazed, and is taking it out on my food. I don't know about that!

Boid is not allowed in my plate, but he is sure tries a lot!
Boid after my food again.

3:30PM - Down by the creek.

Just below our Camp is a creek. Little Mavicito and I went down to this creek to look around. About two hours later, after a long nap, we returned!
Resting by the creek.

5PM - Camping in Tlaxiaco.
We had a Team Meeting and decided that our Camp near the creek was too exposed, and it was not a good idea to Camp there for the nite. So, we headed up to the City of Tlaxiaco, not too far away.

When we were driving thru Tlaxiaco, everybody had their eyes open for a big grocery. This is a town of 60,000 population, and we figured there to be a modern supermarket here. What we found was a traffic jam blocking up the largest intersection in town, and MsTioga was half way into this intersection! Hmmmmm?

Also in the intersection was a large tour bus trying to make a right turn into our lane. There was no room for the bus unless MsTioga moved out. We wanted to go left, but besides the rear of the bus, there was a stalled car in this intersection. A traffic cop was shouting directions.

MsTioga decided that turning left was never going to happen, so she went straight ahead thru the intersection. After traveling only a block thru the very narrow street, the road was dirt. We found a large parking lot with only a few vehicles. After looking around that property, we found somebody they called "La Señora", and we asked her for permission to park for the nite. And, La Señora granted permission! Isn't that the greatest thing?

5:30PM - George decides to go shopping.
OK! Here is the scene. It is raining really hard. Flooding in the streets. I decide to go shopping for groceries. I am wearing short pants. No use getting long pants wet! I have on a T-shirt. Also my rubber sandals allow me to walk thru rain puddles with no problem. Of course I am carrying my huge umbrella.

La Señora tells me of a giant grocery just around the corner called "La Mega." When I get to the corner, rain water is running over the curb. I ask a man standing out of the rain where to find La Mega. He tells me go up four blocks, and over two blocks to the left. Wow! I picture myself walking thru a little river of rain water for six blocks. A taxi drives up. "You want a taxi mister?" You bet I want a taxi!


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