Sunday, August 17, 2008

6AM - Blog Yesterday/Tomorrow buttons!
Ms. Viola and I have completed our Yesterday/Tomorrow button project! Wow! This has been a work-in-progress for two years. Maybe more!

Now you may go anywhere in the TiogaRV blog, using either our Quarterly Calendar pulldown [top left column] or using the Weekly Archive pulldown [bottom of blog]. Then page to Yesterday or Tomorrow from that date!

Blowing MsTioga's horn.

When we first began to publish our website, we had one goal in mind:
  • To be of service to readers who are interested in the RVing life.
Sometime during 2003, after we discovered how wonderful it was to be a vagabonding RVer, we expanded our goal to include our "TiogaRV Team Mission" that you may find at the bottom of our blog.

For a couple of years as we wrote and published stories, we did not know where to present them to you. Then we came up with "MsTioga Magazine" which in time came to be an index of links for all of our stories.

Also for a couple of years, we did not know how to tie everything together. That is when Mr. Chips came up with our Home Page.

We guess that you have to be a computer geek to love and get excited about stuff like this! We are sooooooo lucky to be able to wander around taking pics and writing stories for you to read!

Olympics on Mexican TV!

Reader Comitan posted in ShoutBox that "The Olympics are all over Mexican TV!" Well, we had not turned on our TV for a long time. Yesterday when we did, we found the Olympics! We are in Ciudad Hidalgo now, and our Olympics TV reception is wonderful!
Olympics on our TV!


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