Saturday, August 30, 2008

6AM - Fishing on Laguna Cajititlán.
This is our 3rd day making a Camp alongside the water of Laguna Cajititlán. Our Camp is located close to the Plaza of the Town of Cajititlán.

This morning we hear voices outside. We look out thru the blinds into the morning darkness. There are two men standing next to the lake and talking. Soon they are joined by two more men and then a pickup truck drives up. The men unload three small fishing launches into the water.

Listening to their conversation, we learn that they come here to fish every morning and they do this for a living. But they will not be fishing tomorrow, because it is Sunday. Also we learn that fishing has been good.

These fishermen do not use fishing poles. They simply drop a line in the water or cast a net.

Note: If you click on the Google Earth link below, you may be able to look at our exact location in the Town of Cajititlán.

8:30AM - Boid looks out the window.
Little Boid loves to look out the window. It's one of his favorite things. Often Boid gets very excited by what he sees. His eyes get small and a white ring appears around each eye. He runs around like a crazy thing. Boid loves his life soooooooo much!
Boid at the window.

Boid saw this lanchita being rowed.

Later, Boid looked at the morning glories!

11AM - Mr. Trek rides the town.

Yesterday we bought a new rear tire tube for Mr. Trek at the nearby hardware store. So, today we were able to go on a bike ride over much of this little town.

We were looking for a taqueria, and didn't find one. However, on our return to the malecón [dock] of the lake, we found three outdoor food places had been setup for the weekend.
A fish restaurant on the malecón.

I ordered a fish fillet lunch
which was soooooo good!

A new thing - Photosynth
If you have a sort of new computer, with a bunch of power, you may wish to try becoming a Photosynth-er person. Ms. Viola, our pretty new Sony Vaio laptop is such a computer.

Click [here] to begin synthing.


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