Monday, August 11, 2008

7AM - Into the mountains.
Señorita Tioga and The Team have been planning to head toward the City of Toluca. We want to avoid getting into Mexico City. It was not until looking at Google Earth yesterday evening, that we realized that the route planned would take us way up into the mountains!

The first part of the road going up, was really steep. La Señorita had her peddle to the metal in first gear a few times. If the road had only been a bit steeper, it would have stopped us! Double Wow!!

9:30AM - Lake Zempoala.
We are now Camped at Lake Zempoala, which appears to be a National Park of Mexico. Surprisingly, there was no entrance fee [yet]. We are Camped at the top of a sloping parking area. Below us are several trucks and a few RV trailers. Something is going on here, but we have yet to find out what it is.

According to Mr. DeLorme, we are at an elevation of 9,263 feet. It is a grey day, and it is a bit chilly. I am going to have to change from my present T-shirt, short pants and sandals!
Our Lake Zempoala Camp.

10:30AM - Making a movie!

There is a fairly large kitchen setup below our Camp. Whatever is going on, a lot of people are going to eat at this kitchen. Little Mavicito and I went down there to find out what is going on.

The people working in the kitchen said that a movie is being made down by the lake. The kitchen crew is busy preparing breakfast. We could see and smell pancakes and coffee.

We have now come back to Señorita Tioga's kitchen We are going to make ourselves pancakes, eggs and sausage!
The movie set by the lake.


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