Tuesday, August 12, 2008

7AM - Rain, rain, rain.
All nite long the rain poured down. Very hard to sleep. We are at 9,300 feet elevation. Everybody on The Team wants to go lower, where it may be warmer, less rainy and out of the morning fog.

8:30 AM - Outskirts of Toluca a traffic challenge.
We are heading toward the City of Toluca when ahead of us we see the road completely blocked with road construction. Vehicles are going around this construction via a detour on a dirt road to the north.

We follow these detouring vehicles. This dirt road makes a right angle turn, and ahead of us is a one-lane road for 2-way traffic. This road is soooooooo muddy, you would not believe. It is necessary to stay to the center of this road to avoid getting stuck in the mud.

The cars coming our way, keep coming, not allowing us to proceed forward. Finally there is a little room to move forward. A car ahead coming our way stalls out. The cars keep coming from both directions.

It is almost impossible to describe for you, what this road is like. Fortunately, Little Mavicito took a pic. What you cannot see, is that the line of cars ahead of us goes on for more than a 1/2 mile!!
The detour!

10AM - Morning Camped.
After "The Detour", vehicles ahead were turning left. We could see more muddy road in that direction and traffic piling up. We turned right and made our way thru a little town with cars parked blocking traffic.

Somehow we made it to a highway heading north. We came to a place where we have made a Morning Camp. The City of Toluca is northwest of here.
Boid looks at view from Morning Camp.

Today's journey still a challenge!
After we left our Morning Camp, the journey continued to be a challenge. Getting thru the City of Toluca, Mexico took us three hours! The traffic was soooooo slow!

Part of that time was spent negotiating with police who wanted to give us a traffic ticket! Yes, another one. And another bribe. These police wanted $200US for the traffic ticket. I told them that I did not have $200US, and offered $20US. They countered with $100US. And I replied that it might be better to go to court and speak to the judge. They lowered their bribe to $30US, and I paid it.

It is quite intimidating to be confronted by police in this way. It took my courage to bargain with these guys. I pretended not understand Spanish very well, and that helped me a lot.

Note: The traffic ticket was for NOT driving on the lateral. I now understand that the traffic signs that directed me into the center lanes where it is illegal for an RV to drive, should NOT be followed. I should have just continued to drive on the lateral.

4PM - Nite Camped in a small highway town.
SeƱorita Tioga found her Nite Camp a bit off the highway on a dirt road. We are soooooo happy to be finished with today's journey. What a day!
Our Nite Camp on the way to Morelia.


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