Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8:30AM - La Concepcion.
The road past our Nite Camp was pretty quiet for sleeping. When morning came, cars began traveling down the hill. We see in Google Earth that there is a town a bit to the west. Curious, we went to take a peek.

The quiet town of La Concepcion is there. It appears that the road west ends at La Concepcion. We have made a Morning Camp here to walk around this town.
La Concepcion.

2PM - Eating at a roadside restaurant.
From time to time you may wonder about the food quality at restaurants in Mexico. Have you thought about Montezuma's revenge? How come I do not seem to get sick when eating at restaurants here in Mexico?

This afternoon I stopped for a meal at a roadside restaurant. I saw that a woman who appeared to be a grandmother was doing much of the cooking. She was making corn tortillas over a wood fired grill. She had already prepared a stack of tortillas about 12" high! "Who is going to eat all these tortillas?", I asked. "There are fifteen in my family who live here.", she told me.

Her daughter who was also working here asked me, "Would you like quesadillas?" I told her, "Yes!". "Do you make carne asada?", I asked hopefully.
Grandmother making corn tortillas.

My quesadillas on the grill.

Doesn't this look great?

The family here was eating at their own restaurant. A good sign that the food prepared here is good. At some restaurants, I see a lot of locals eating. Another good sign.

7:30PM - Camped in the hills.

Around 5PM we found our Nite Camp in the hills southeast of the Town of Zacapu. I finished off the last of the three quesadillas that I'd bought earlier in the afternoon. Watched the movie "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" with Humphrey Bogart while eating.
Our Nite Camp at 7:30pm.


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